10+ Of The Funniest Reactions To Trump Touching The Orb During His Visit To Saudi Arabia

In case you haven’t been reading the news this week, Donald Trump is currently on his first world tour as US President, which he kicked off in Saudi Arabia over the weekend. A strange moment involving a mysterious glowing orb, however, has given birth to the latest knee-slapping Trump meme, and it’s kind of stealing all the spotlight.

While visiting Riyadh, accompanied by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Trump attended the grand opening of the city’s new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. The centerpiece of the futuristic office-like space was a translucent, lit-up globe. For reasons we may never really know, the two presidents and King Salman of Saudi Arabia all placed their hands on it for nearly two whole minutes, serenaded by a musical overture.

Contrary to now-popular belief, the globe was merely a decoration, and does not possess any mystical power. Still, the good people of the Internet had their way with the bizarre photos of Trump and his orb, and it’s the latest meme craze sure to get under his skin. Check out the best of the best below, and be sure to vote for your favourites!