Side-Eyeing Chloe is all grown up now and she’s still owning it

Who could forget side-eyeing Chloe and her infamous moment?

The then two-year-old shot to viral fame after her parents captured her reaction to learning that she and her sister that they were going on a surprise trip to Disneyland.

She was not impressed, to put it mildly.

Four years later, Chloe is looking a lot less skeptical though it looks like she won’t be able to shake off her claim to fame for a long time to come.

Google is amazing! Chloe loves seeing herself on the elevator door and all over #saopaulo! You have a beautiful city! . . . #chloe #google

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The family recently travelled to Sau Paulo in South America, where Chloe is being featured in a Google campaign.

WE ARE HERE IN BRAZIL!!! Hello!! #saopaulo #google #chloe #hi #lily #katie #david

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Regular star that she is, Chloe also managed to sign a couple autographs no biggie.

Signing autographs at #google! . . . #chloe #google #saopaulo

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Keep on rocking that social media game you’ll always be our favorite side-eyeing Chloe in our hearts.

Image: lily and chloe official/youtube